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The Black in Sardinia

Merry Christmas!!!!

It’s already Christmas?? Hard to believe the year went by so fast! Sooo many things to see and do.

From Thanksgiving to New Years we always think about all the blessings from the past year! The people and places, the horses and their helpers, the hard work and lazy days – all the special memories.
There were heartbreaking stories of fires and loss, courageous stories of challenges and spirit.

Even some movie stars like Liam Neeson and Russell Crowe praised the horses this year.

An inspiring tale of perseverance and moving on, no matter what, in “the Rider”.

There was JUSTIFY, the Triple Crown winner.

And a story you won’t see every day, the reed Ponies of Peru and how the fishermen ride them!!

If you need a little good luck for 2019 don’t forget to stop by the store and pay Bucephalus a visit. You can keep him in your pocket every day whether that’s at work … or play!

But best of all it was spending time with the horses and horsepeople you Love.
Or maybe you just need to gallop down an empty beach!

The Black in Sardinia
The Black in Sardinia

Hoping your year was as eventful as ours!
What was your favorite moment?

Blessings & Joy for Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year!
Don’t forget to leave some hay out for Santa’s reindeer – as my Dad always did on Christmas eve!!

Thanks for riding bye,

Tim and Pamela Farley

Horse Tales events 2012


Here’s a couple photo albums from this year’s Horse Tales events.
Some from Florida and some from Arkansas

Hope you like them! Be sure to check out the summer camps ;

Florida West Palm Beach: June 22, 2012 and Tampa, July 25, 2012

Arizona and Arkansas schedule coming soon.

Be sure to look at all the new items at the Ebay Horse Tales Store,  you can help everyday!

And of all the FABULOUS sales in the Trading Post where you can find Bucephalus!

Summer’s here so grab a book and find your own “Island Stallion”!!

Be sure to let me know if YOU have any great summer stories.

Tim Farley


Yes, they’re finally available, the entire series as ebooks!
We’ve added a new section in the Gift Shop for your shopping convenience.
Here they all are on Kindle – other formats as we get them.

Enjoy on your tablet and share with a friend or take them with you on your phone for those long plane rides. You can keep the whole collection on file and still have plenty of room for your own stories (or homework :)
Thanks for reading … and writing!
tim farley