Here you can read some of the comments we received from fans around the world who wrote the Fan Club and Tim Farley. To keep submissions private all names and email addresses are removed.

“From a 12-year old horse-lover…”

“In less than a month, I read 11 books from The Black Stallion series. They are great, I love them! They are the best books about horses , and now , more than ever, I want a horse of my own! I love Black, Flame, Satan, Bonfire… I also loved Black Minx. She is my
favorite character, I liked very much her personality and she made me laugh. Best regards!”

Email from a Fan:

“From my early experiences with reading and writing, I can easily pinpoint the time when I began to understand and comprehend what I was reading and enjoy writing. My parents were always reading the newspapers, and my mom would read fictional stories. I was not a good student in school, mostly because I was uninterested. However, all of that changed when I was about eight years old. My parents took me to see a movie, and I became obsessed with that movie. Once I discovered the movie was based on a popular children’s series, my life changed. “The Black Stallion” by Walter Farley is the foundation of my writing and reading, and will always be my favorite book.
… my parents took me to see the movie “The Black Stallion.” I became obsessed with it. Later that week, my mom took me to the library and showed me that the movie was originally a series started by author Walter Farley in 1941. My heart nearly left out of my chest! I’ll never forget that moment in my life, staring at the library shelf in awe. My mom let me take out the original first book, and I stayed up all night reading, until I finished it.

…My favorite part of the book is when Alex is allowed to race his horse against the two most powerful racehorses in a huge match race. “Suddenly a deafening roar rose from the stands. ‘Look, look,’ yelled the commentator hysterically. ‘The Black is coming up like a house on fire! You’ve never in your life seen a horse run like this! He’s all power __ all beauty. The distance between him and the others is lessening. How it’s lessening.

I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes. The Black is running the others down! Cyclone and Sun Raider are fighting for the lead going into the last turn. The Black’s almost behind them. What action! What a tremendous stride! The crowd is going crazy. Sun Raider is passing Cyclone on the turn and going into the lead! Here they come down the homestretch__” (160). Every time I read this part, my heart starts to pound, I read faster and faster, as if I’m racing with The Black. I love how this story continually grabs my attention and makes my heart pound. No other book has ever made me like a part of the story like this…

Without Walter Farley, I wouldn’t have discovered a passion which has lead me down the path of my own creative writing. I would not have become the 4.0 student I am, I would not be in honors English classes in college, I would not be an entrepreneur, and I would not have the hopes of completing a masters degree in English. I highly doubt Mr. Farley ever dreamed his books of his wild stallion would ever have given so much creativity and imagination to generations of kids. However, he has done just that. He was an incredible man, with a gifted talent to write, and so many of us would not be where we are today without his stories of a wild black stallion…”

“I’m from Brasil…”

“…I’m crazy about horses. Specially arabians. When I was a little girl I watched “The Black Stallion®” and Black was a love at first sight. The horse of my dreams, and he still is. I would like to give thanks for this great sight about BLACK. And I would like to be a member of this Fan Club. Please, everything about the Black Stallion catch my attention, so I would love to receive every single thing about it. Thanks!”

“I think this website is the best!…”

“…It has so much information on behind the scenes in the movies! Though it was mentioned that two other horses were used for the fighting and racing scenes, other than Cass Ole and Fae-Jur. I was wondering if it is at all possible to find out the names of those two horses, at least the one who raced. I have been trying to find out for ever, but haven’t had much luck. You see, the horse who played the racing scenes is suppossedly my Arab gelding’s sire. Ace, my horse, acts so much like “the Black” that it could be true. Anyhow, if you know of any possible ways of finding this information out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

“The black stallion® rulz!!!”

“I’ve been a fan of the Blacks for 52 years…”

“…Keep the legend alive!”

“I have been a fan of this series for as long as I can remember…”

“…I am glad that Alec and the Black are still going strong!”

“I may be the oldest person here at 27 but…”

“…I’ve loved this series for as long as I can remember. It’s the Black Stallion® series that has made my imagination soar and dream of the day that I have my own farm to race my own horses. Walter Farley helped me find dreams I never knew I had.”

“This is awesome!!…”

“…I am an avid horsewoman and I grew up reading all the books on the Black!!! I have seen both movies as well! I have all the books!!! Thanks for this site! The Black deserves some serious recognition for a change! P.s. My favorite bok would have to be The Black and Satan. Hey don’t forget to mention the Island Stallion too!”

“I love the black…”

“…and always dreamed of having a horse like him!”

“I’ve always liked horse books…”

“…especially the Black Stallion® Books.”

“You’re never too old to love The Black!…”

“…Okay, maybe most people wouldn’t consider 28 to be old but when everyone else abandons their youthful pleasures, I held on to mine with a death grip! I am totally excited that there is now an official source on the web for this magnificent series and you can sure count on me to continue being a loyal follower!”

“The Black Stallion® books…”

“…are my favorite books!!”

“I lose myself in these books…”

“…They are the only reality for me outside this hectic world. Just think, I’m 17 and blonde and great looking and my life revolves aorund these books. Nobody is allowed to touch them, not even my closest friends or relatives.”

“I love the website!!!…”

“…Nice job!”

“Great Site!…”

“…Thanks for putting all this great info together!”

“I love the black stallion®…”

“…Very good idea.”

“I am four years old, and I have loved horses since before I turned two…”

“…We have “The Black Stallion®” and “The Black Stallion® Returns.” I love to watch them. And I love to ride horses too. I wish I had my own black stallion.”

“I have always cherished my time spent in my childhood…”

“…reading about The Black and his progeny.”

“I love Black Stallion they are my passion,…”

“…I am trying to collect the old hardbacks and two of the old paperbacks.”

“I love The Black Stallion®…”

“…He has always been my dream horse and everytime I watch the movie my spirits are lifted.

“The Black Stallion® was the first American movie I ever saw…”

“…At the time I didn’t even speak English. Go figure. More than a decade later, I’m still mesmerized by the film and its sequel, and Cass-Ole must have been the most beautiful horse that ever lived. The book wasn’t bad either ;)”

“I remember when ‘The Black Stallion®‘ first came out, it was 1979 and I was only 5 years old…”

“…This was the movie that really brought my attention to horses and it has never faded over 20 years now. Finally, the technology is upon us and can talk with other Black Stallion lovers just like me. Thanks soo much for making this great website!!!”

“I grew up reading The Black Stallion®,…”

“…my neighbors own a horse simular to the Black, I remember the first time I saw the movie…I still cry when they try and take the Black from Alex in the second one.”

“It is great!”

“I’m in my late 20s and still adore The Black Stallion® books!…”

“…What a wonderful website!”

“I’m 25 now, and have not read the Black Stallion® series for years…”

“…But when I was growing up I read them all, and several times over (the Black Stallion®‘s Filly was my favorite). Walter Farley’s books were a special part of my childhood. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to register as a fan!”

“A fan club! Nifty idea! Sign me up ;)”

“I read the books when i was young, …”

“…my children read your books, now their children read them.”

“I’v read every book and they are the best ever…”

“…I love to read and here about horses!!!!!!!!!”

“Hello. I’m a die-hard TBS fan. I may be what you might call…hmm…obsessed?…”

“…Someone who is equally obsessed could ask me the most difficult questions about any of the books and I could answer perfectly off the top of my head without having to look it up. :-)”

“Not many times a movie brings the wonders of nature up…”

“…The black stallion® is a symbol of pure beauty.”


“I’m really glad you got this site up and going, I’ve been waiting for it since the summer! I own EVERY SINGLE book in the Black Stallion® Series, I just got the 4 rarest ones a couple of weeks ago, at $10.00 each! I’ve been reading them over and over ever since gr.2, and i’m in gr.12 now. I’ll never give the Black up!”

“I love the books! I finished one in 2-4 days!!!!!…”

“…I am the newest #1 fan!”

“The books meant so much to me through most of my childhood and adolescence…”

“…How surprised I was to stumble on this site and see that there new books being written. I was also fascinated to read the in depth bio on Walter Farley, as I never knew much about him at all.”

“The Black Stalion has always been my favorite horse…”

“…I never have had a horse of my very own, but I ride at the stables. Please send me some pictures of The Black to me. Thank You!”

“I love The Black Stallion® books they are the best books I have ever read!…”

“…I have a suggestion for a book. Can you write a book where Alec & the Black looks for pam?”