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On Horsemanship – by Xenophon

The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses

Thought you’d like to read these free ebooks on your kindle or phone or other device. Some classics that can help with horses – and people, too! Ever notice how good horse trainers are usually good people people? Not always, some just can’t relate to humans, but the great ones I’ve known seem to have an unspoken sense of balance and strength that puts all animals, people included, at ease.
When you have a minute check these books out – something to read on the bus and you might find some tips from words a couple thousand years old. Everything changes – and stays the same, especially people and horses!!!

thanks for reading …and writing!



Yes, they’re finally available, the entire series as ebooks!
We’ve added a new section in the Gift Shop for your shopping convenience.
Here they all are on Kindle – other formats as we get them.

Enjoy on your tablet and share with a friend or take them with you on your phone for those long plane rides. You can keep the whole collection on file and still have plenty of room for your own stories (or homework :)
Thanks for reading … and writing!
tim farley