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Beautiful items at; Black Stallion Ranch Trading Post!

TheBlackStallion is getting a makeover!
We’ve decided to make some changes to the look and feel of the site – adding some new straw in the stall, that’s all. All the info about my Dad’s books and movies will still be here but we’re dropping some of the old entries on the forum and updating the store.
“Black Stallion Gift Shop” is now BLACK STALLION RANCH TRADING POST!!
Since the last book my father wrote was “Black Stallion Legend” which is set in the southwest where he was living with the Hopi Indians, and this is where Pam and I live on Black Stallion Ranch, it is only fitting that we show you some of the beautiful jewelry and other interesting things that you can find at the Trading Post. We will be adding new items every week, sometimes every day, so make sure you check back often. We try to have a broad price range from the littlest cowgirl to that ultra fantastic gift idea for that extra special someone. If your looking for something unique, and don’t see anything you like, be sure to write as there are always more things than we can list.
Please! Take a look and let us know what you think!

Thanks for Reading … and Writing!

your ol’ friend –  tim


Black Stallion Web Site Updates

We have been working to update the web site’s technical structure, mostly what you can not “see”, but you might notice some visual changes as well. It is using dynamic content management system now, this will enable lots of new features and make things easier to maintain and secure.

The blog that was previously located at http://www.theblackstallion.com/blog had to be removed, because it was outdated and could not be updated any longer. It has been moved and all posts have been incorporated into the news blog that is now completely part of the site, searchable and all. Just in case you get to the old link, an automatic forward is in place, so you can’t go wrong and will be directed to the new one. Read more

Blog Integrated With New Site Design

We finally got around bringing the blog into the new design theme for the rest of the site. As you will notice it perfectly integrates now with all the other pages and it makes for a much more pleasing browsing experience. Stay tuned for more news and updates as Tim shares stories and photos about The Black Stallion, The BSLP and new books!

Have fun!