Black Stallion Web Site Updates

We have been working to update the web site’s technical structure, mostly what you can not “see”, but you might notice some visual changes as well. It is using dynamic content management system now, this will enable lots of new features and make things easier to maintain and secure.

The blog that was previously located at had to be removed, because it was outdated and could not be updated any longer. It has been moved and all posts have been incorporated into the news blog that is now completely part of the site, searchable and all. Just in case you get to the old link, an automatic forward is in place, so you can’t go wrong and will be directed to the new one.If you wish to comment on Tim Farley’s and my news posts, you can do so by registering with the site, at the bottom of every page. This is a different registration from this message board.

This message board will remain as is, but it has been embedded visually into the site as well. I suggest you access it via the link on the web site. Direct access using the previous link still works, but you will not have the site navigation on top any longer.

The updated site is almost complete, except for some of the pages that have the Comics, Audio and Video files. These will be added shortly and in the coming days.

A new contact form has been added to the Contact page, you can use it to send a message to Tim Farley. As always comments, questions and suggestions are most welcome.

Enjoy your stay on this site and be part of this lively community of Black Stallion Fans!

Thank you,