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Happy 40th movie Anniversary Black Stallion!

Here’s a nice article in Cowboys & Indians (https://www.cowboysindians.com/) on the making of Black Stallion that just came out in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the movie (1979). It was an adventure working on it and a pleasure meeting the many talented people involved. The article has many photos that I shot on the set, it brings back some fond memories. I’ll post more articles in the next few days.
Thanks Elizabeth for your hard work and awesome determination on interviewing such a collection of (sometimes elusive) characters!!

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!!

BY Elizabeth Kaye McCall

Still fantastic at 40, one of the best-loved horse movies of all time almost didn’t get made.


Cass Ole’ !!

Here’s a great magazine article from Western Horseman about the star of The Black Stallion film, Cass Ole’. He was one fantastic black Arabian stallion who had exceptional training from Hollywood legend cowboy Corky Randall and became quite a STAR in his own right. There were amazing stunt horses and “trick horses”, quarter horse and others, to help make the impossible – possible, but that Cass Ole’, he was something else.
To honor Cass Ole’ we’ve put the Bucephalus on sale … something to bring you a little luck as you sail on the Drake towards your own adventures! We’ll be adding more articles, some that you may never have seen, and even a whole new section with magazines and Stallion history from all over the world. Check back again soon!

Enjoy the ride – Tim Farley

for the rest of the story click here (pdf) western horseman