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2nd chapter – Black Stallion contest

Here’s the next chapter. Another book, another question…which book? Where did it come from? Can you find it??

2nd story:

Alec Ramsay sat still and straight in his saddle, seemingly unaware of the thousands of eyes upon him. He wore black racing silks, and beneath his peaked cap the whiteness of his face made a startling contrast to his racing colors and the burly black horse beneath him.

They were third in the parade to the post for the running of the classic Belmont Stakes. Alec wished they had drawn an outside position instead of the number 3 slot. He didn’t like being so near the rail. Henry’s instructions were to hold Satan until the field approached the middle of the backstretch before making his move. It would have been easier to do this from an outside post position.

The parade had passed the clubhouse and was now opposite the grandstand. Alec didn’t have to look to know that it was overflowing with people. The tumultuous roar from the stands took care of that. And he knew their eyes were upon Satan, wondering if the big three-year-old would win the Belmont Stakes, as he had won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, to take his place among the few great horses of the turf who had captured the Triple Crown! They wondered only because of the condition of the track. It was ankle-deep in mud after a heavy morning rain, and the early June sky was still overcast as a fine drizzle fell.

The last remaining doubters of Satan’s greatness asked themselves, “But can he race in the mud? He never has, you know.”

Alec’s hand went to the thick, muscular neck of the colt as Satan sidestepped quickly to the middle of the track. He spoke to him, and the heavy ears swept back at the sound of his voice; then the restlessness left Satan’s giant body and he was back in line as the field continued parading past the stands.

From the pushing, heaving wave of people at the rail, a man shouted, “Hey, Ramsay! You think it’s a horse show?”       the rest of 2nd book chapter (pdf)

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Fade To Black / Horse & Rider

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Here’s another magazine article I thought you’d enjoy.
It’s a particularly good look at the history of the books from Dad writing on the kitchen table as a teenager to the movies and all the turns on the track along the way. You never know where that “little idea” may take you! Jennifer Meyer does a great job of capturing what interested Walter Farley most – that intangible something that happens between a horse and rider.

The whole article is here (pdf); Horse & Rider

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