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Navajo and Little Black, a Pony

Hi all,
We just returned from our eventful trip to Arizona and New Mexico wqhere we were working on a partnership with the Navajo Department of Education and the Black Stallion Literacy Foundation. The “Little Black, a Pony” Navajo translation book, is going to be distributed all across the Navajo reservation. That might not sound like a BIG deal but it is … it took a few years and lots of help to get the people in place to make it happen … in all four states (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado)!

I want to send a special THANK YOU out to our friends in Window Rock that helped SO much … Irving and all your friends are doing a Great job. Thanks again Louise, and special thank you to Mr. Ayze and all the council members.
I have included the description of the partnership if you are interested in the details … it’s a beautiful world in the southwest … visit soon and often!

A special event is scheduled for Jun 5, 2009 in Window Rock, AZ. Read more