Navajo and Little Black, a Pony

Hi all,
We just returned from our eventful trip to Arizona and New Mexico wqhere we were working on a partnership with the Navajo Department of Education and the Black Stallion Literacy Foundation. The “Little Black, a Pony” Navajo translation book, is going to be distributed all across the Navajo reservation. That might not sound like a BIG deal but it is … it took a few years and lots of help to get the people in place to make it happen … in all four states (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado)!

I want to send a special THANK YOU out to our friends in Window Rock that helped SO much … Irving and all your friends are doing a Great job. Thanks again Louise, and special thank you to Mr. Ayze and all the council members.
I have included the description of the partnership if you are interested in the details … it’s a beautiful world in the southwest … visit soon and often!

A special event is scheduled for Jun 5, 2009 in Window Rock, AZ.

Navajo Education Commission
April 24, 2009

Distribution of Black Stallion Literacy Foundation Books

Description: The Black Stallion Literacy Foundation, a national, non-profit literacy organization, designed and printed over 8,500 (Little Black, A Pony) books for Navajo children in 2006. This book is beautifully illustrated and includes a Navajo translation – and comes with a CD. Little Black, A Pony is a classic book of the renowned children’s author, Walter Farley.

The Black Stallion Literacy Foundation is partnering with the Office of the Navajo Nation Library, based in Window Rock, Arizona, to distribute the books throughout the Nation. The Library contains 63499 volumes and circulates 55493 items per year and is uniquely qualified to help with this program. The library serves a population of 104532 residents.

Upon learning about the book from Black Stallion staff, the Library agreed to distribute the book throughout the Navajo Nation. Specifically, the system will dispense the book to eligible children and families; children who are in 1st grade are eligible to receive the book. As part of the agreement with the Black Stallion Foundation, the Library has agreed to maintain records about who has received the books — and make this information available to the Black Stallion Literacy Foundation upon request; this information will be used only to evaluate the effectiveness of the book distribution.

The system would also make the books available to all elementary schools wanting to use the book in the classroom. Furthermore, participating schools would have access to a Black Stallion Literacy Foundation curriculum constructed for the book. All books would be provided to schools, children and families free of charge. All books, except for those being used in the classroom, would go home with children and become their property.

Any questions about information contained in the books would be referred to Black Stallion staff in Kissimmee, Florida, its headquarters.