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Who’s afraid of a talking horse? Let’s go shopping!

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With his book out in print, RAJALIKA gets a “close-up” Tues., Oct. 28 on Rick Lamb’s The Horse Show, 4:00 pm Eastern on RFD-TV in a special on … what else?.. Talking Horses!

(Oct. 27, 2014) — He calls himself “the talking horse of a new generation,” but watch Rick Lamb’s The Horse Show on RFD-TV, on Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014, at 4:00 pm Eastern and you decide. When the show gets to the part where RAJALIKA, a real-life Arabian stallion who inspired a new “talking horse” book, gives a hint of his vocal repertoire–which his 19-year-old illustrator Dani Bowman mimics in a spot on-rendition–you will be well-versed in facts and trivia of Francis the Talking Mule to Mister Ed, thanks to Lamb’s delightful segment that includes excerpts of a never-before aired Alan Young (Wilbur) interview, and more.

“Rick put together a masterful tribute to the legacy of talking horses,” says Los Angeles-based author Elizabeth Kaye McCall, who just released RAJALIKA SPEAK in print on Amazon, the tale of a bad-boy horse turned good, who found redemption by learning to talk. McCall got some chat time on camera herself and made sure Lamb got acquainted Bowman too. “Rick and Dani hit it off,” notes McCall of the young adult animator with autism, who created 33 illustrations for her book, which published first as an eBook. “Dani’s amazing. She founded her company Powerlight Studios at age 11 and was just honored at London’s fashion industry event Wear it for Autism. My real-life ‘talking horse,’ a straight Egyptian Arabian, was the link that connected us for RAJALIKA SPEAK.”

So.. is RAJALIKA next in line for the legacy? Tune in to Rick Lamb’s The Horse Show Oct 28, on RFD-TV (4 pm Eastern) and see what you think. Or, buy the book and decide. FYI–this “new talking horse” needs no halter. What’s that??? Watch Rick’s show and find out.

WATCH:  Rick Lamb  The Horse Show, Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014, RFD-TV, 4:00 pm Eastern.
by Elizabeth Kaye McCall, illustrated by Dani Bowman
56 pages 33 color illustrations
Now in print on Amazon $12.99
eBook available on Kindle, Nook & iBooks $9.99