CORKY RANDALL, trainer, teacher, classic cowboy & HORSEMAN, we will miss you!

Corky Randall, the horse trainer on the Black Stallion films passed away this week. He was a fantastic horseman with generations of knowledge and wonderful stories he had collected in a lifetime of working in the strange and demanding world of horse movies. His credits range from “3 Amigos” to “Zorro”, from “The Cowboy Way” to “Texas”.
Corky worked with his Dad as he trained Trigger and was there on “Ben Hur”. His family, friends and co-workers read like a list of who’s who of the equestrian world … everyone from Cavalia to Coppola!
I’ll post more about Corky Randall in the next week or so. There is so much from such a rich life. I was bessed to call him a friend. All of us who love horses and been have carried away by the excitement and beauty we see on the screen, can think of Corky. He was one of the most generous people I’ve ever met with his knowledge of horsemanship.
Corky we love you and miss you!
Tim Farley