Black Stallion stories & contest


You may have read them all before but, just in case, I’m going to post a chapter from each Black Stallion book everyday here on the blog. If you write a message and guess which book the chapter is from… you can win a FREE prize at the end of the contest!!
You can add your comments as we go along or all at once by the time we finish … in about a month. There are a lot of Black Stallion books so put on your reading glasses and get a cozy spot in the hayloft where no one can bother you with those darn chores.
You can find all the books at your local library or right HERE.

first chapter

Alec Ramsay was on the train that had left New York City’s Pennsylvania Station at 7:05 P.M. and would arrive at Roosevelt Raceway, Westbury, Long Island, by eight o’clock. This would be a half-hour before the first race of the evening, giving him time to locate Bonfire, the second son of the Black Stallion.

He wondered about this three-year-old colt, whom he had never seen. Had the Black stamped Bonfire as his own in body, head and temperament? Or had that small, quiet harness-racing mare been the more dominant in marking her son? Soon he’d know, and he looked forward eagerly to meeting Bonfire and watching him race beneath the lights in a sport Alec had known previously only at county and state fairs.

He turned away from the window, where the suburban apartment buildings were giving way to more and more areas of spacious green. He was thankful he wore only a light sport shirt, for the July day had been extremely hot and the coming night promised little relief.

The car was crowded, with every seat taken and men standing in the aisles. The stranger sitting beside him was absorbed in reading a long typewritten statement, but suddenly he looked up, caught Alec’s eyes, and said, “Sometimes I think a trainer does a better job of training the owner than he does the horse.”

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