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Happy Horse Day!

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Thinking of taking the leap? Buying a horse?
Here’s a couple notes on basic health and safety;

Essential Equine Equipment for a First Horse
Owning a horse is the most incredible experience. Horses are magnificent creatures with so much to give. They make wonderful pets and if you look after your horse properly, you and he will have many years of enjoyment together.
There are many different types of horse ownership. Some people enjoy competing whereas others are happiest exploring riding trails around their home. But whatever type of horseback riding you are interested in, you will need some essential equipment before you get started. So if this is your first horse, here are a few key pieces of equine equipment you need to invest in;

Halter and Lead Rope
Some horses are so well trained they will follow their owner like a dog. However, these animals are in a minority and most owners need a sturdy halter and lead rope for everyday handling. You can pick up halters in leather, nylon and rope. Leather is the most expensive material, but it will last longer than a cheap nylon or rope halter. Another problem with nylon halters is that they don’t break easily in an emergency, so never turn your horse out wearing a nylon halter. Lead ropes made from braided rope are ideal as they offer plenty of grip.

If you intend to ride your horse, you will need some tack. Saddles come in a variety of different styles, including western and English. It is very important that a saddle fits properly as an improperly fitting saddle will rub, pinch, and cause serious problems. To avoid this from happening to your horse, always have a saddle professionally fitted where possible. Bridles come in standard sizes. You will also need to choose a bit. Bits from the One Stop Equine range from mild to extra severe, but remember that even a mild bit is painful to the horse when used with rough hands.

Grooming Kit
Horses need regular grooming if their coats are to stay in good condition. Grooming kits usually contain a selection of brushes for mane and tail, a hoof pick, comb and hoof oil. Other useful items include plastic and rubber curry combs, pulling comb to tidy his mane and tail, and a pair of clippers.

Clothing for the Horse
Depending on the climate in your area, you may need some items of seasonal horse clothing. Horses turned out in the winter may need blankets to keep them warm and dry. Clipped horses will definitely need horse blankets, even if there isn’t snow on the ground. Lightweight blankets are perfect for milder weather whereas during cold snaps, a horse will need a thick, heavy denier blanket that contains warm filling. Blankets need to fit properly. Too loose and the horse might get caught up in the straps and too tight and it will rub.

Clothing for the Rider
Riders need clothing too. A safety helmet will protect your head in the event of a fall. Riding breeches and leather boots protect your legs and nether regions from chafing. Gloves are also useful.
Before buying any equine equipment for horse and rider, take advice on sizes and styles, and shop around for the best prices.

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