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Belmont today!! 6:30 PM est

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Rosie Napravnik and Unlimited Budget?

Who is it going to be?
1. Frac Daddy
2. Freedom Child
3. Overanalyze
4. Giant Finish
5. Orb
6. Incognito
7. Oxbow
8. Midnight Taboo
9. Revolutionary
10. Will Take Charge
11. Vyjack
12. Palace Malice
13. Unlimited Budget
14. Golden Soul

Don’t forget and have the TV off while you make yourself a nap snack!

Here’s a little story from Trackside from Rachael Kraft – I’ll post the rest later this week-
Enjoy the Ride! TF

Traveling inStyle

By: Rachael Kraft *Representative of Double D Trailers:  Horse Trailer Manufacturer since 1997 with emphasis on research, design, product improvement and horse safety through creation of safer technologies. Owned by Brad Heath.

For humans, we have the choice of car or truck…train or bus…economy or first class.  Wherever we go, we’d like to get there quickly, comfortably, and without a lot of hassle.   Some horses travel just as much or more than the typical person and they have the added challenge of weighing close to a ton!  Whether the horse is an elite athlete, a show performer or a beloved pet, they still have the ability to travel in style.

In the horse world, the most recent example of horses traveling in style is the group of talented three-year-olds competing in this year’s Triple Crown.  This prestigious set of three grueling races starts in the rolling hills of bluegrass state with the Kentucky Derby.  The horse Orb gave us a thrilling victory at the 2013 race and many hoped he would be a three-win contender.  His hopes were dashed when he was defeated at the second race, The Preakness, held at Pimlico Racetrack in Maryland.  Only one more race remains, and fans across the nation are eagerly awaiting the Belmont Stakes this Saturday, June 8 where Orb will get a chance to meet his rival Oxbow in the 1 1/2 mile challenge. 

Many spectators forget what a terrific challenge the Triple Crown is for a young horse.  After all, they are only three-years-old.  In many other horse disciplines, a horse this young would barely be starting the training for their sport.  For a racehorse, they are expected to be at their very best.  Each of the races is a physical and mental stress on the animal and there are only days between each of the races.  In addition, the horses need to travel hundreds of miles, settle into a new stable, and prepare on a new racetrack. 

It’s not surprising that Orb’s trainer, Shug McGaughey considered not racing his colt in the Belmont after a fourth place finish at the Preakness.  Lucky for us, he recently announced that his colt would definitely be racing this Saturday.  He made this decision after Orb ran a good workout this past Sunday morning1. Racing fans across the nation have been eagerly watching this year’s Triple Crown competition.  With June 8th’s Belmont Stakes in New York, we will get to see the exciting showdown between Derby winner Orb and Preakness winner Oxbow.

 (the rest later this week)