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Southwind Dreamer – training at one year

am girlDSC_0376

You might remember when “Dreamer” was born last year. That’s her picture as a newbie. Now she’s old enough to start training so here’s a few videos of how she is coming along. We always love to hear your comments so … keep on writing – and reading!

Enjoy the ride!
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Spring Baby!!

Dr. Anna Marie’s newest filly!! They are still deciding on a name … and found a four leaf clover just before she was born on the weekend.
Have any ideas???

“Lucky” and “Clover” maybe, but she’s an Al-Marah Arabian girl, so – Zayda? (lucky in Arabic?)
Put on your thinkin’ caps and send me some names!

Any new photos of your own to share? Spring is in the air!