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MOM – 3/6/2013




My Mom, Mrs. Rosemary Farley, passed away yesterday. She had reached the incredible age of 94! Can you imagine all the things she had seen and done in her life? A NY model at 16 and married to Walter Farley in her twenties! Flying to South America on a Pan Am “Clipper” (4 days) and jetting to France for the opening of the Black Stallion movie on the Concord (4 hours)!
Four kids, two dogs, two cats and too many horses!
She loved her books and the world she created for herself and blessed the people she met with her sharp insight and wonderful world view. Everyone that knew Mom will miss her and her grace with quiet strength. I know I will.
You can add any comments on Alec Ramsay’s FaceBook page  or below in “comments”.  I’ll be adding more links and information about the memorial on this blog in the days to come.
You can donate to www.HorseTales.org in lieu of flowers.

Enjoy the ride – you never know when it may end.