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Lights,Camera … Gallop!!

A new book about movie horses!

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Chapter One
Introducing….horses in film
The concept of a horse as a celebrity is easy enough to accept – because, after all, few celebrities become famous for actually doing much. But horses as actors? Isn’t their ‘acting’ all trickery and Computer Generated Imagery?
Well, one of the greatest film directors of all time, Steven Spielberg, who directed the moving film War Horse with some 280 horses, has said: ‘The horses were an extraordinary experience for me, because several members of my family ride. I was really amazed at how expressive horses are and how much they can show what they’re feeling.’ War Horse, released in 2012, tells the epic tale of how Albert, a young boy, and his beloved farm horse, Joey, are separated and undergo harrowing adventures in World War One. In the process of filming, yes, there were stunts, props, tricks and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), but there was also great acting by the horse stars. The horse actors had make-up – and indeed their own make-up artist. But what shines through, what really impresses the audience, is the personality and inherent beauty of the horses. No amount of cinematic trickery or CGI can replace the genuine dramatic qualities of horses.
For example, horses provide a feast for the eyes. Throughout the history of cinema, audiences have fallen for the most glamorous screen stars. This is just as true for horse stars – especially the outstandingly beautiful ones with their gleaming coats of pure black or dazzling white, or the Palominos with a golden coat and flowing silver tail. Think of the well-toned bodies, with manes to die for, of horses such as Black Beauty, Gandalf’s horse Shadowfax or Roy Rogers’ Trigger. Lights! Camera! Gallop! will introduce you to all these and many more: the great stars and some lesser-known but still brilliant actors, from the beginning of film to the present time. You will learn about their film characters and their real off-screen personalities.
You’ll also find out about how some of the most awe-inspiring scenes involving horses were filmed and even how to spot some of the tricks of the trade. All the main genres of film featuring horses are covered: Westerns (great for stunts and exciting chase sequences), ‘wild horse’ movies (surviving against enormous odds), action films (even horses versus Nazis!) and comedies (horses on pianos, horses tricking humans – and a drunken horse).
A word on terminology: many of the great horse actors were stars in the days when – for example – Native Americans were routinely referred to as ‘Indians’ and frequently depicted as ‘the cowboys’ enemy.’

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Enjoy the Ride!! —- tim

Dogs – not presidents

So you knew it would be him!?

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Here’s a story you haven’t read – if you have please let me know how & when!
This was Dad’s story about our farm and our dog when we were growing up. I think it’s a great story … even managed to get someone to try and make it into a movie but that’s a long road.

Take a minute while you’re waiting to vote and read the first chapter – and if you really like it maybe we can send you the rest of the story ….

thor first chap

thanks for reading!!

The rest of the Stories ….

Here’s the corrected story list for excerpts from past posts ...Find them all at the store!

The books / chapters we’ve read so far;
The Black Stallion (1941) – 3rd book chapter
The Black Stallion Returns (1945) – 5th chapter
Son of the Black Stallion (1947) – 7 chapter
The Island Stallion (1948) – 12th book chapter
The Black Stallion and Satan (1949) – 2nd book chapter
The Black Stallion’s Blood Bay Colt (1950) – 17th book chapter
The Island Stallion’s Fury (1951) – 14th book chapter
The Black Stallion’s Filly (1952) – 9th chapter book
The Black Stallion Revolts (1953) – 11th book chapter
The Black Stallion’s Sulky Colt (1954) –1st book chapter
The Island Stallion Races (1955) –13th book chapter
The Black Stallion’s Courage (1956) – 10th book chapter
The Black Stallion Mystery (1957) – 16th book chapter
The Horse-Tamer (1959) – 21st book chapter
The Black Stallion and Flame (1960) – 15th book chapter
Man O’ War (1962) – 8th book chapter
The Black Stallion Challenged (1964)-18th book chapter
The Great Dane Thor (1966)
The Black Stallion’s Ghost (1969) – 20th book chapter
The Black Stallion and the Girl (1971) –4th book chapter
The Black Stallion Legend (1983) – 19th book chapter
The Young Black Stallion (1989) – 22nd book chapter

The Horse that Swam Away – 6th book chapter

Enjoy the ride – you never know when it might end! – tim

Another story

Here’s an old one with a twist!
I’d like to know what you think about an English / Spanish book??
I’ve been trying to get this off the ground the last few years but for some reason the publishers are not interested in the least (it’s probably a money thing).
I think there are a lot of people that would like a bi-lingual beginner book, how about you?

This is only a sample prototype I did with my professora friend at Perdue but you can get the idea – LB few pages

Hope this was a great weekend and you’re back in the saddle! – tim

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