New Year’s eve 2014 at Arabian Nights!!



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It was a BIG show a GREAT show, a wonderful eve full of cheers and tears. So hard to say goodbye to so many wonderful performers – human and equine.
BUT then you start talking about this coming year and know it’s not over, there are too many possibilities for the future. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later- hasta luego – arrivederci – ciao. New shows on the horizon? … like seeds starting flowers across the nation that wonderful talent spreads out in new ways, new faces, new places.
Today all the horses are moving into open pastures and will run free for awhile, I’m sure they’ll miss the work and excitement but then won’t we all? Thank You Mark Miller for bringing so much beauty and fun to so many families!!

Enjoy the ride you never know when it might end!

more soon!  your friend tim