New “Widescreen” DVD and New Bucephalus!!


MGM has just released the latest edition of the 1979 “The Black Stallion”     

and 1984 “The Black Stallion Returns

movies in W I D E S C R E E N (1.85:1) They also are still in full screen (1.33:1) on the DVD, too.  Like the past versions these  are dubbed and subtitled in Spanish and French as well as English with Dolby surround sound.

To celebrate we are selling the widescreen version with the Bucephalus Bronze with the new fabulous finish at the special Spring Sale price.  Take a LOOK at the original movie trailer featuring the figurine.

Sit back and enjoy the movie – relive the excitement all over again!! Visit the Trading Post and see what’s new this week. There are always some new treasures just for you!