Gift Shop open again.

We’ve been up in the high pasture the last couple months and been so busy fixin’ fence and making sure everything was OK the Gift Store had the “Gone Fishin'” sign up. Now we’re back in the saddle and hope you come by for a visit. If you have any good ideas of what you’d like to see in the store for Christmas let us know. There’s still a bunch of chores to get done before the snow flies, wood to cut and all that. You know wood heats you four times;

1. when you cut it

2. when you slpit it

3. when you stack it

4. when you burn it.

Labor day is gone and we’re “winterizing”.  Doesn’t seem fair at all, but time doesn’t wait and we can’t either.
Write a note in the forum when you get a minute. As the sign says downtown, “If you can’t stop wave as you go by!”