The Black Stallion® Literacy Project is now; “Horse Tales Literacy Project”

A few months ago we started to make some changes to the Black Stallion Literacy Project which I co-founded with our old family friend Mark Miller, owner of Arabian Nights in Orlando Florida.
After the remarkable success of the literacy program over the last 11 years (and over a million books given away) we wanted to expand what we offer to students beyond “The Black Stallion” series. After much debate we decided the literacy program needed a new name of its very own, something about ALL horses and ALL stories, so we chose;
The Black Stallion will hopefully always be a cornerstone of the program, but for us to have the resources to expand and include all grades, K-12, we need to be able to choose from the incredible wealth of equestrian literature available. From Misty to Smoky and Pegasus to Sea Biscuit there is a mountain of great books from all over the world!

What we want to know is;
What classic stories have made a difference to you? What have you read that you will never forget? Your opinions matter so … what do want to read next – or what story do you think everyone else really needs to read?
They have to be HORSE stories but beyond that your imagination is the limit.
Please write and let us know what you think!

Here’s a few of my choices;

Tim Farley Recommends;
Books for Horse Tales Literacy Project

Pre – school
DK Horses
My Pony

First Grade
Little Black, a Pony
Little Black Goes to the Circus
Robert the Rose Horse

Second Grade
The Horse that Swam Away
Big Black Horse

Third Grade
Found One Orange Brown Horse
Little Black a Pony Races

Fourth Grade
Ride Like an Indian
National Velvet – MOVIE

Fifth Grade
The Black Stallion – MOVIE
Black Beauty- MOVIE

Sixth Grade
Misty of Chincoteague – MOVIE
King of the Wind
Black Stallion Returns – MOVIE

Seventh Grade
Smoky the Cowhorse
Horse Tamer
A Girl and Five Brave Horses – MOVIE (Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken)

Eight Grade
A Horse’s Tale
The Red Pony – MOVIE (1949)

Ninth Grade
1001 Arabian Nights – MOVIE
Pegasus- MOVIE

Tenth Grade
Trojan Horse – MOVIE (Troy)
Bullfinches’ Mythology
Horse Whisperer – MOVIE

Eleventh Grade
Sea Biscuit – MOVIE
Secretariat – MOVIE

Twelfth Grade
All the Pretty Horses – MOVIE
Some Horses / Horses (McGuane)
Phar Lap – screenplay by David Williamson – MOVIE
Lonesome Dove – pulitzer Prize book – TV SERIES
Into the West – screenplay by Jim Sheridan – MOVIE