Your Horse & You – Care and Safety

Back from the road and it’s always good to be home! With the wild days of “Wild Horse Tales” ( and all the fabulous stunts the horses and their riders have done over the years – thought we should spend a minute talking about care and safety. It goes without saying you should know your …

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Derby Day!

Will it be Irish War Cry, Always Dreaming or will rain spoil the dream? Could it be the sentimental favorite – that one eyed long shot on the outside PATCH? You’ll need to watch to know!

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A Hidden Pearl Harbor Pearl

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor tragedy here is part of a seldom seen book Dad wrote back in 1942. “Larry and the Undersea Raider” was the next book after Random House published his very successful “The Black Stallion“. Before Dad enlisted in the Army he went west to his dreamland, Hawaii! …

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Son of Black Stallion 1947

Black Stallion movie on July 4th

Celebrating the 39th anniversary of the production start of “The Black Stallion”. This is a fairly accurate description of the days, and weeks, and years that went into the making of the film. There are a few liberties he has taken and some things omitted to keep the story flowing, but all and all it …

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Racing The Black


Suddenbreakingnews Cherry Wine Exaggerator   Will Exaggerator do it again? I like Desormeaux and their horse (did you know the Black Stallion is Kent Desormeaux’s favorite!) I like Cherry Wine … doesn’t that sound good. And I like the idea of Suddenbreakingnews. Get yourself a little luck with a Bucephalus of your own … Alexander …

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