"Little Black a Pony" CD illustrations, Plush Pony and Navajo recordings

… these are some pages from the new Little Black a pony Book with CD ….Navajo is very different from Western languages, something most of us don’t hear everyday. I was told the Navajo language is based on bird / animal sounds not Latin like our languages.

I also have added some of the illustrations that go along with the story (click icons to enlarge images), have a look:
Littleblack Navajo-2Page 1-1Page 2-1Page 3-1Page 4-1Page 5-1

I also have a nice soft plush Pony, if you are looking for that perfect Christmas present for the horse person in your life (click icons to enlarge images):
Little Black Plush And Book-1Ltgplush With Book-1Sm  Plush Navajp-1
Here is the link to the store.

If you want to hear what Navajo sounds like….here are the recordings from the CD, very different from what you are used to. These files require Windows Media Player:
12 Track 12-3.wma
11 Track 11-3.wma
10 Track 10-3.wma
09 Track 9-3.wma
08 Track 8-3.wma
07 Track 7-3.wma
06 Track 6-4.wma
05 Track 5-3.wma
04 Track 4-3.wma
03 Track 3-3.wma
02 Track 2-2.wma
01 Track 1-4.wma


Tim Farley